Final Programme List!




Chair – Dr.Annette Coburn (UWS)

Sectarianism 12.45pm-2.30pm


Chair – Sean Huddleston (UWS)




Chair – Professor Colin Clark (UWS)


Keynote – Dr. Jamie Cleland – University of Loughborough


‘Changing attitudes to homophobia in the game’


Keynote Archie MacPherson


‘Sectarianism before and after – history of sectarian prejudice in the game’


Keynote – David Goldblatt


‘Racism and Football – the beautiful game?’



Dr.Eilidh Macrae – University of the West of Scotland – ‘A Successful Mixture: Women and Football in Scotland’



Dr.Rory Magrath – Southampton Solent University – ‘Higher Education, Football, and Attitudes towards Homosexuality’



Rosmarijn van Kleef – University of Leiden – Presentation outline: Liability of football clubs for supporters’ misconduct


Maureen McBride – University of Glasgow – ‘The Offensive behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act (2012) – a critique’




Dr.James Carr – University of Limerick – ‘Tackling Prejudice through Football: A Case Study of Diverse City FC, Dublin’


Dr.Paul Breen – University of Westminster – ‘Going Sideways: England’s Identity Crisis in the Modern Age’



Hugh Torrance – LEAP Sports



Catherine Somerville – Stonewall Scotland



Peter Geoghegan – ‘The Ferret’ Investigative Reporting


Practitioner: Dave Scott– Nil by Mouth,


Professor Stephen McKinney – University of Glasgow


Dr.John Kelly – University of Edinburgh


Derek Ferguson – former Rangers and Heart of Midlothian (Show Racism the Red Card Ambassador)






Alan White – United Glasgow Football club



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